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The Official Periodical of Golden Leopard Kempo. This page allows you to download a PDF version of the newsletter. Feel free to send submission ideas to the editor for possible inclusion.

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Leopard Pause / Golden Leopard Info Blog is now available. Therefore all old issues of the newsletter have been removed.

* These issues have a Black Belt Club newsletter too. It's only available for ATC, BBC, XBBC, and MC members and GLK Black Belts. Contact Sifu if you want copies. [Ed. note: By popular request, I'll be rounding up the old copies to post up on the internet. The files will require a password for viewing. New editions will go to the Club members only.]

Subscriptions cost US$20.00 per year, to cover the cost of mailing and handling. It's free if you print it yourself.

Some of you may be wondering, "Did you have a newsletter prior to 1999?" Well, the answer is yes and no. We were part of a (now disbanded) Shaolin Kempo association in 1992 and wrote for their fledgling newsletter, the Shao'lin Dragon. It was discontinued a few years later. A few old KGSA newsletters from 1997, 1998, and 1999 are available in the archives but are in poor repair. There was a short run of Kick'n, published by NAPMA. Now we utilize that newletter's articles, combining it with our own original content.


  1. Grandmaster Olivier's Jo Seminar September 2001.
  2. Sifu Bryan's report on the Gathering of Eagles 2001. (an awesome event)
  3. Sifu Bryan's report on the Gathering of Eagles 1999.
  4. Grandmaster Olivier's Breaking Seminar February 1999.