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Writer's Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in writing for "Leopard Pause" Newsletter! The editors at "Leopard Pause" offer the following guidelines to help you with the process of submitting an idea for an article.

"Leopard Pause" does not accept unsolicited manuscripts. If you have already completed an article and want to submit it to "Leopard Pause" for review, first send us a query, along with the following information.

The editors at "Leopard Pause" receive many quality submissions from our readers, and we are limited in the number of articles we can publish. If your article idea is selected, rest assured that we will contact you with information on how to proceed with the publication process.

We are looking for articles on training, teaching, concepts, philosophy, technique, history, stories (fiction and non-fiction), seminar and school reviews, book and video reviews, et cetera.

Please submit the following article information to the "Leopard Pause" editors. Questions can be sent to the same address.

  • Article Title
  • Word Count
  • Mission/Scope: Explain why "Leopard Pause" readers should care about/must read this article. What makes it compelling? What is the learning benefit?
  • Delivery Date: "I can get this article to you by..."
  • Supportive Materials: Pictures, links, etc.
  • Abstract/Summary: This should be an overview of the article's contents and an explanation to the readers -- and editors! -- that should compel people to read the article.
  • Background information: Include information on your training, likes, associations, school, rank, etc. This information is to better know you and not used in selecting articles to publish. Yellow belt articles get published just as well as 5th degree black.

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