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Golden Leopard Kempo Online and Leopard Pause are now offering advertising spaces for interested parties. This is a great opportunity to reach the Kempo community with your wares and services. Please read the specifications below. If you still have quesitons, contact the Sales Manager.

Banner Advertisement

"Leopard Pause" Newsletter and E-Zine provides organizations, schools, and companies the ability to promote products, facilities, and events through our rotating banner ad program.

Our advertising system rotates ads on a per download basis, which is every time a page is initially loaded or reloaded by the user. Currently our general rotation is as follows:

  • Table of Contents: One full size banner (460 x 50) appears at the top of the page
  • Article Ads: Square (125 x 125) banners appear along the right margin and throughout articles as well as one full size banner (460 x 50) appearing at the top of the page.

Advertising prices are based on a per issue release, based on two month segments. For a standard issue distribution, the price is $50.00 (US), four month distribution is $80.00 (US) and a six month distribution is $130.00 (US).

Because of rapid growth with changes in the Internet, these prices are introductory rates, subject to change at any time. All contracts will be honored without changes for their duration.

For further information on advertising please contact our Sales Manager.


The Publisher reserves the right to accept or reject all advertising copy which at his discretion is deemed objectionable, misleadin, not in the best interests of the reader does not conform to the standards of the publication, or which attacks other advertisers directly or indirectly, or contrary to Federal and State regulations, whether or not the ad had previously been accepted and/or published.

All advertisements are accepted and published by the Publisher on the representation that the advertiser and/or advertising agency are properly authorized to publish the entire contents and subject matter thereof. It is understood that the contracts must be bonafied to or more advertisers are not permitted to use same URL under the same contract.

The advertiser and/or advertising agency will indemnify and save the Publisher harmless from and against any loss, expense or other liability resulting from any claims or suits for libel, violation of right or privacy, plagarism, copyright infringement and any other claims or suits that may arise out of the publication of such advertisement.

Publisher will not be bound by conditions printed or appearing on order blanks or copy instructions which conflict with provisions of this rate card. All verbal instructions regarding contracts or insertions must be confirmed in writing.

The publisher reserves the right to own independent judgement as to the acceptability or copy and illustrations in advertisement. In addition, we do not allow any rank beyond black belt to be mentioned in advertising copy.

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