Kempo Webring FAQ

1. Description of the Kempo Webring and why would you want to join.
   The Kempo Webring is designed to link together websites with information about Shaolin Kempo and Karazenpo Go Shinjutsu. Why is this a great idea? It allows people who are interested in Kempo to find other quality sites about Kempo quickly and easily.

If you want to learn more about webrings, visit the main Webring website.

2. Instructions on how to join.
   So, you're interested in the Kempo Webring and you want to add your website. To submit your site to the Kempo Webring, please go to the Join the Ring page.

Once you're there, fill out the form. We'll get back with you once we review your site.

3. Install the ring code fragment.
   The Yahoo! Webring will provide a javascript based link to the web ring. Besure to include it on one of your pages. Also, let me know where to look. If I don't see it, you won't get on the ring.

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