Official Golden Leopard
Kempo Uniform

The official Golden Leopard Kempo uniform is a black Ronin or IKON Kempo Gi. For those who like the traditional Hawaiian cut, the sleeves stop at the mid forearm and the pant legs stop at mid calf.

It comes in three styles: (Prices vary based on size)

Karazenpo gi with patches

The Golden Leopard Kempo school patch is sewn on the left side of the jacket, covering the heart. Both the United States flag and the State of Hawai'i flag are on the left shoulder. The US flag is always on top. The Hawaiian flag is optional but highly recommended.

color uniforms

These uniforms are now ready for purchase. Please let Sifu know your size and he'll get one ordered for you. The school patch are already sewn on so there is no additional purchases necessary, except for the flags. All patches will need to be purchased separately.

Additional Uniform Options¹

¹All uniforms must have the school patch sewn on. When available, school shirts must be worn under the jackets or vests. Additional patches will need to be purchases separately.