Currently, we only have a few of our courses available to new students:instructor helping child

If you'd like more information about these courses, please contact the school.

Special Programs for Advanced Students

For students who wish to accelerate and enhance their training, we provide special programs that focus on getting maximized results. These programs generally add an additional class to your weekly schedule, provide discounts on seminars, provide free workshops with the Headmaster, and access to discounts on most merchandise.

These programs offer students many benefits. Along with the special black and blue uniforms (respectively) and discounts at the Pro Shop, the student has additional training options. The following summarizes some of the "extra" activities the Advanced Training students can do.

Requirements for ATC Consideration

S.W.A.T. Team

The Special Winning Attitude Team (SWAT) is a team of students who are willing to learn to be responsible leaders and role models. Students are selected for SWAT based on certain requirements.

Requirements for SWAT Consideration

SWAT Responsibilities

SWAT Benefits

We offer a separate class for the SWAT team. See the Schedule for class times.

Demo Team

Students have the opportunity to join the GLK Demo Team, which represents the school at various local events. All Demo Team practices require mandatory attendance. To find out if you qualify for the Demo Team, please see your instructor. See the Schedule for class times.

Demo Team members are can wear the red and black demo team gi at demo team practices. It is required at all performances and dress rehearsals.

Competition Team

The team is open to all students who attend and compete at tournaments. This team works on the aspects of the martial arts that increases their performance at tournaments. They will also learn some ancillary kata ideal for tournaments. See the Schedule for class times.

Sparring Team (Team Rock'em Sock'em)

This workout is open to all students to do some hard core sparring (no whining when you get hit harder than you thought you were going to). If you are not into sparring like this, don't come to this class! See the Schedule for class times.