Sifu Bryan's Wall of Fame

Below are favorite pictures of notable martial artist. Please note: These pictures do not constitute a claim nor links to the respective masters' lineage. (Except for obvious exceptions such as Sijo Gascon, GM Fugate, GM Babao and GM Olivier) They are provided for the viewing pleasure of any visitors to our humble site.

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Master Babao Michael Fugate
GM Narrie Babao GM Michael Fugate
Bob Wall Bill Wallace
Bob Wall Bill "Superfoot" Wallace
Taboada with Elizabeth Taboada with Bryan
GM Taboada with Elizabeth GM Taboada with Sifu Bryan
Bruce Juchnik GM Kuoha and Daughter
Hanshi Juchnik GM Kuoha and his daughter
Master ? GM Olivier
GM John Olivier
Imperial Beach Open 1999 Ninja Master
Imperial Beach Open 1999  
Awarding the fourth dan  
Fourth Dan Test  

More photos from the Masters 2000 event.