Portfolio for Bryan Bagnas

Here are some of the pieces I have worked on over the years both as a Creative Services manager in a corporate marketing department and as an independent artist. These are some of the pieces that showcase what I can and have produced over the years.


I created several illustrations from shirt designs, mouse pads, to logos and diagrams. Here is a small sample of my illustration work.

block diagram 1   block diagram 2   block diagram 3   battery graph   Border Con logo   monk drawing for article   ranges chart for article


I created a catalog from scratch for a former employer, then I worked with other graphic designers to maintain and produce the catalog annually. I'm most proud of the themed covers over a span of years to express stability and reliability.

2009 Catalog   2010 Catalog   2011 Catalog   2012 Catalog   2014 Catalog


A lot of work went into designing datasheets that would work both as stand alone sources of product information and as pages within the catalog. My goal was to reduce points of failure by reusing the most current data, which I decided should be the datasheet. There were plans to move to a database which would link the datasheet, catalog page and website (both desktop and mobile) together as a single unit.

The application icons was another team effort to design, leading to worldwide acceptance across several business units.

AC-DC sample product page   DC-DC sample product page   Filter sample product page

Social Media

At my previous company, I planned and implemented their social media marketing strategy. The first elements were a company blog, Facebook page, LinkedIn group, and a Twitter account. The blog served as a way to answer technical questions and reduce the call load on technical support. LinkedIn served as a resource for us to find new engineering talent. Twitter served as our way to announce product updates, model notices, new blog posts, and any other news. Finally, Facebook served as a place for our fans to hang out. We put quick descriptions of these elements in our catalog.

sample page about social media sites   mobile phone version of website

If you have any questions about my work or if you'd like to hire me for work, please send me an email.